Agnus DNA - João Baptista Rossi

Agnus DNA / João Baptista Rossi is a photographer and plastic artist, he uses his photographic research carried out in constant trips to different places in the world to extract the concept of his works of art. With photographic compositions and art installations, he reveals a look at the relationship between humanity and nature, reflecting on the effects of time and the history of the world in which we live.

In 2011, João Baptista Rossi started the story of the "Agnus DNA" project, making several trips to sacred places of nature, beginning in South America and later to several different places in the world. Their experiences and visions along this path are translated into works of art, with enigmatic images, which relate the world of mythologies, spiritual and religious beliefs with the architecture of nature and which have the power to awaken different personal interpretations, creating a dialogue with the human unconscious. The artist raises the banner of Therapeutic Art, combining elements and conducting research on how to relate these two worlds.

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