Camila Nogueira

My name is Camila Nogueira and I'm a Portuguese digital artist born and raised in the beautiful Porto city.
 Since 2015, I've been working as a digital artist and developing commercial illustration projects, working with big international brands, music labels, and also making time for my personal work and shows.

At the moment I'm is focused on reinterpreting life with a magical vibe and creating surreal Worlds I would love to live in.  Life is a beautiful mystery, but it has a lot of tough moments. With my visual narratives, I seek to take people to the beauty side, making them look at life with a more dreamy perspective :)

My aesthetic is very inspired by the Franco-Belgian artists, Japanese woodblock prints, cartoons from the ’90s, and by all Studio Ghibli's animations. Nature also plays a major role in my work: I love trees, animals, and how everything was so beautifully created.

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