Eloh & Luke Brown

Eloh is counted among the finest of the digital, Visionary artists.  He takes a courageous interest in humanity’s timeless use of visionary plants and has downloaded a wide spectrum of cultural idiosyncrasies from around the world.  Direct experience with the supernatural, high strangeness and vivid encounters with divine realms fill the ocean of inspiration behind his work.  But, it’s his tireless ethic that sets him in a class of his own.

Eloh distills his experience into deep symbolism and a highly ordered aesthetic to evoke understanding in the careful viewer.  Through the mindful use of bilateral symmetry and light he can map relationships between worlds unseen and the conscious mind.  More than once it has been remarked that his work accurately depicts beings and dimensions beheld by others.

Eloh attended art school in Southern California for media arts and traditional animation and has studied under the legendary Robert Venosa, the widely renowned airbrush painter Noah and worked alongside the finest Visionary artists on the planet.  Prior to discovering liberty as an independent artist he cut his teeth through years of corporate work creating concept art and designing UI for PC games and mobile applications for everyone from Activision and Bigfish Games to McDonald’s and Disney

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Art Progression Now (APN) was founded in 2020 with the purpose to provide an open space for continuous experimentation and encourage the fair consumption of arts through decentralised technologies. Meet the founding organisations, and check out our manifesto.

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