Eric Hanu

Eric Hanu was born in Luanda in April 1991 having moved with his family to Lisbon in 1994. He attended secondary school in Visual Arts in Odivelas. At the age of 18, he embarked for Birmingham, England, where he attended Birmingham City University completing the Foundation Degree in Art and Design course where he realized that if his life was destined to follow art it would not be through institutions but through his own path. His experience in England was the beginning of a life track that brought him to know and absorb various realities, cultures and subcultures very different from each other, making him a versatile and diverse person – his influences range from punk philosophy to Buddhist, as well as urban environments and lifestyles but also the power of nature and all the understanding that extensive contact with it brings us. A true self-taught artist, Eric Hanu paints what he feels and sees – inner and outer worlds come to life on his canvases and drawings – usually with a central theme that in turn tends to identify human emotions and perspectives.“In my paintings, the abstract predominates because I cannot see emotions as something concrete and figurative”. After 10 years of travelling and intense experiences, Eric feels today the obligation to share with the world everything he has experienced using his natural talent to share images of how he sees the world and himself.

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