In 2015 a group of architects joined together to start a concept where technology was an integrated part of the space in order to redefine the ways we use it. The main idea was to use hardware and software to create a living being. Space as an extension of our bodies. During the following years we have been researching multiple tools, materials and technologies in order to get closer to this idea, such as digital fabrication, robotics, artificial intelligence, soft structures and computer graphics.

A division is commonly made in between what is natural and what is not, we understand an organism that exists by itself as natural, for example a tree, meanwhile a computer would be perceived as artificial, since it was created and requires human maintenance. Although as artificial intelligence keeps evolving a question is arising, what will we call a being that operates and regenerates itself without interference from any exterior agent?

Light and movement generated by digital signals, but also materiality and mechanics, are the means by which we give life to our pieces. We have been moving towards flexible systems which can redefine their forms according to user interaction, such as soft robotics pumped with air. Our inspiration comes from the analysis of natural phenomena translating them to biomimetic processes.

The objective is to create machines that live in symbiosis with nature, learning and evolving from this interaction while responding to human needs. A different approach to the way we position technology in the ecosystems.

As a collective we work in between realities, the reality of our dreams, translated into virtual and completed in the physical realm with our bodies. We design, program and build our own structures, learning with the process, therefore enhancing our skills through each project.

Natural and artificial, virtual and physical, human sensorium, these are the concepts on which we base our research, representing them with pieces that reflect the techniques we believe are essential to do so.

This is the ERROR which we named 43. The creation of an organism that is the extension of our existence.

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Art Progression Now (APN) was founded in 2020 with the purpose to provide an open space for continuous experimentation and encourage the fair consumption of arts through decentralised technologies. Meet the founding organisations, and check out our manifesto.

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