Gordon Berger

Gordon Berger is a Pioneer of the Crypto Art movement. Since late 2011 he has been exploring blockchain and the concepts of value, materiality, and abstraction. He was the first TEDx speaker to give a talk on NFTs in early 2018 at the Museum of London and held the first NFT solo exhibition in New York the following year. In 2018 he minted 3 of the initial 100 tokens on SuperRare, and contributed to the earliest Generative Art Platform on the blockchain. He created the first NFT ever to be materialized into physical reality (‘Solidity’/‘Materiality’ Series 2019). Teaming up with Christie’s London (EDU) he was chosen to lead the course on ‘NFTs, Blockchain, & The Metaverse’ and his art has been exhibited internationally. 

As an abstract and generative artist, Gordon has been drawn to the fusion of art and technology and its ever-evolving output in our contemporary digital world. He creates art by blending the digital creation process with more traditional painting techniques. 

Being one of the early adopters of blockchain and Web3; it is apparent that these technologies have heavily influenced his creative process and are reflected in his work. 

As a graduate of Central Saint Martins University in London, and The Belgrade School of Design, he has dedicated his creative career to the intersection of the virtual and physical.

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