Inner Sanctum

Inner_Sanctum is a self-taught artist from Portugal. He’s been a creative person since he can remember, drawing from a very young age and always seeking creative outlets with which to express himself like origami, guitar, cosplay, and many others.

He creates AI Art using trained model algorithms which he then gives a human touch by illustrating and post-editing them.

After falling in love with the medium he quit his job to fully develop his skills sometimes practicing 14 hours a day.

His biggest passion is the art and his goal is to feel self-actualized as an artist while helping others along his journey. His inspirations are vast since he is able to create in a variety of different styles ranging from darker pieces to colorful worlds.

Some of his fantasy inspirations have roots in magic the gathering, his dark arts have inspirations from H.P.Lovecraft and Junji Ito, and his love for dystopic cyberpunk worlds comes from his love for Bladerunner.

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Art Progression Now (APN) was founded in 2020 with the purpose to provide an open space for continuous experimentation and encourage the fair consumption of arts through decentralised technologies. Meet the founding organisations, and check out our manifesto.

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