IOFEYE is a self taught interdisciplinary artist, born in Croatia and based in Denmark.  Her work is characterized by experimentation, expressionistic approach, attitude of exploration and intuitiveness. She is not drawn to one single medium, but rather to possibilities that lie in collisions and connections between different mediums.

Behind it is a belief that the totality of human beings has multiplicity of aspects, and so the expression of that Beingness in the world is also facilitated by allowing for different languages and aspects of self to be channeled through different mediums and expressive formats. In her work, IOFEYE is fascinated by the hybrid creations, by what happens when unlikely things collide and by experimenting with the intersections.

She creates visual works, animation works, video art, Vjing, installations, sonic sculptures, photo-collages and books – and all these things have an experimental and expressive flavor to them, led by an intuitive sense and engagement with the moment. Seeking both to allow the emergent and to intentionally create and at the same time, she is fascinated by the combination of the unpredictable with the intentional.

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Art Progression Now

Art Progression Now (APN) was founded in 2020 with the purpose to provide an open space for continuous experimentation and encourage the fair consumption of arts through decentralised technologies. Meet the founding organisations, and check out our manifesto.

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