José Ramos

I am a Landscape Photographer, Storyteller and Psychiatrist MD born in Alentejo and currently located in Lisbon. I am also one of the Co-Founders of "Liminal Minds", the first Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Center in Portugal (, and I have a strong emotional connection with Boom Festival, which I attended for the first time in 2014.  

I am a huge fan of the psychedelic culture and the psychedelic renaissance, both in the therapeutic and cultural field, and this has strongly influenced most of my photography work over the years. All my images have a deep embedded concept and associated story, often dealing with the relationship between humankind and Nature. Conservation, ecology, existentialism, awareness, spirituality and contemplation are some of the most important themes I try to convey in my images. I am a firm believer that the "psychedelic" concept and "visionary art" concept can and should transcend its usual aesthetic boundaries, embracing all art forms, including photography. Through the use of long exposure techniques, careful editing (but never manipulating) and endless search for the best light, I always try that my images embody aesthetic and conceptual aspects of transcendence, bridging reality with dream, allowing the viewer to "travel" and expand his consciousness. During my 18 year photo career I have been published several times on National Geographic printed magazine and many other international magazines, have done several individual and collective exhibitions, sell large format prints and collaborate as an Ambassador with several international photo brands (for detailed info please refer to

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