Laura Rios

Laura Ríos (Havana, Cuba, 1992), is a Cuban dancer, performer and creator. She is a
graduate of the University of the Arts in Havana (ISA) in Dance Art: Contemporary Dance
From 2010 to 2018 she was member of Danza Contemporánea de Cuba company and
she worked with important national and international choreographers.
In 2020 she was part the PACAP 4 (Performing Arts Advanced Program) at Forum Dança
(Lisbon, Portugal) curated by João dos Santos Martins. Also, in 2020 she created LA.D.A
(Laboratory of Dance and Art), where she serves as director and curator.
Some of her most recent works as a creator are: The Imposition (Festival das Marias,
Portugal, 2022) Masa (2020/2022) exhibited at the 14th Bienal de Havana; Gesture of
the Sound (2022 / National Museum of Fine Arts of Cuba); Sacrifice for Danza
Contemporanea de Cuba company (2021); Writing of Movement (Forum Dança,
Portugal, 2021).
She is currently based in Portugal and her practice as a dance artist is based on creation
from the concept, experimentation and deepening in the work of the body and its limits.

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