Massimiliano Sarta

Massimiliano Sarta was born in Bologna in 1983. Fascinated and influenced by the strong political movement of the many social centers scattered around the city, young Massimiliano drops out of school to join countless street activist actions: street parades, art festivals, occupations of spaces for socio-artistic cultural developments. He takes refuge in different underground cultures around the world, attracted by the accompanying freedom of expression found in those centers; when supported by strong political activism, he considers them to be the real cradle of artists. He devotes himself to street life, which he finds complicated, frightening, and attractive.

After attending the academy of fine arts, Massimiliano begins a nomadic life. At twenty-four, he starts on a journey to discover as many underground currents in Europe as possible. In 2011 he settles in Berlin and becomes part of an autonomous and eco-sustainable socio-cultural project (Funkhause Berlin), where he creates and manages a screen printing and analog photographic development studio. His career as an artist widens, working with mixed media, painting, photography, music production, djing, screen printing, and various crafts. He settles in Lisbon in 2016. During the pandemic, he devotes himself to the current art form - hand collage - and completes two collections.

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