Mesh Lab presents Max Cooper and Nick Cobby

Mesh was founded by Max Cooper and James Palmer-Bullock in 2016 to explore the intersection of music, science and art. With a growing global audience and engaged community of practitioners and activists, the platform has conceived work by leading creatives in the fields of music, digital art, film, installation, code, architecture, developing collaborations and commissions with business, arts and science institutions.

Max Cooper has carved a unique space as an audio-visual artist with a science PhD and an international reputation as a leading electronic musician. His work carries an emotional resonance and sensory immersion, often focusing on humanity’s place in the world. He merges electronic music and visual art with scientific enquiry through installations, live performance, immersive audio-visual experiences, digital media and award-winning music videos.

Mesh Lab, part of the wider Mesh platform, was established to commission new and emerging forms of digital art, including NFT collections, AR projects, installations and to curate collaborations stemming from the Mesh Discord server.

Typically, Mesh projects begin with a scientific stimulus which leads to a creative expression, incorporating a variety of digital media including AR, AI, VR, NFT, spatial audio as well as physical structures and live experiences. Collaborators and commissioners include Babraham Institute, Zaha Hadid Architects, Dolby Atmos, L-Acoustics and PepsiCo, and have been exhibited and performed at Barbican Arts Centre, Sonar + D, MUTEK, Herodes Atticus Theatre at the Acropolis.

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