Nina Sumarac

Nina Sumarac was born 1972 in Belgrade. She is multidisciplinary social visual artist based in Cyprus, with a background in fine art, painting and mechanical engineering.

Sumarac’s work questions the very nature of daily global and bio-political narratives which form the fabric of our consciousness and, in a sense, are the revisitation of past experiences. By articulating them through a poetic and often metaphorical lens, Sumarac uses a critical approach and visual vocabulary that pieces together a variety of social and political issues, questioning how we embody socially constructed stereotypes on a personal and collective plane in an endeavour to develop new ways of thinking.

Sumarac attended the Polytechnic University for New Technologies in New Belgrade, where she studied mechanical engineering and computer numerical control systems. She earned a BFA from Buckinghamshire New University in the United Kingdom, as well as a Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art from Cyprus College of Art in Larnaca.

Sumarac is multi awarded artist. The Ministry of Education and Culture, Cyprus funded the presentations of three of her projects and her works become part of permanent collections of the State Gallery of Contemporary Cyprus Art, Municipal Gallery Limassol, Byzantium Museum in Nicosia, and many private collections.

Since 2001 Sumarac has had ten solo exhibitions and has participated in numerous international exhibitions. For more than fifteen years Sumarac had worked on experimental films and animation production by Toonachunks animation studio with which today she collaborates.

She is one of three founders of the contemporary art group Arboreal Collective.

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