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Diogo Landô

The Portuguese-based and working visual artist Diogo Landô studied art and communication, as well as design and communication, at the Escola Superior Artística do Porto (ESAP).

Kazuhiro Tanimoto

Born in Japan. Doctor of Engineering. Researcher in the field of chemistry, researching functional materials.


Connecting the threads between the earth and the unconscious mind through art.

Agnus DNA - João Baptista Rossi

Agnus DNA is a Brazilian artist began his professional career as a photographer specializing in portraits and fashion editorials.

Ana Isabel Hewlett

Ana Isabel is a self-taught Fine Art Portrait Photographer, with over 16 years of experience, from the Azores islands, Portugal.

André Oliveira Cebola

Andrés Isaza-Giraldo

Filmmaker and media artist born in Colombia based in Lisbon. He experiments with time in history, life and cinema.


Animatttic is a renowned London-based artist, director, and composure with a background in architecture.


BITGODDESSES is an AR/VR/XR/Generative Art Artist.


After ten years of experience working in the design industry in Europe and the Middle East, co-founded an artist's collective organizing politically charged happenings in Cyprus alongside running an architecture studio with partners. Currently based in Lisbon, creating painting and sound works and is part of the curation team at Prisma Estudio.

Boris Chimp 504


I am a healing artist, energy worker, physiotherapist, plant medicine facilitator and psychosomatic therapist full-time dedicated to healing, transforming human consciousness and spreading integration and light to this world.

Camila Nogueira

I'm a Portuguese digital artist born and raised in the beautiful Porto city.

Carla Sá Fernandes


Dadara began his artistic career in the early nineties designing flyers and record covers, and doing live-paintings for the then burgeoning electronic dance scene.

Daniel Rondulha

Datagrama Visuals

Datagrama Visuals is a collective of designers & creative coders that do live visuals & light installations using generative design & projection mapping.

David Mew

David is an American artist specializing in large format polychromatic geometric abstraction.

Dr. Benton Banner

Dr. Benton Banner is a pseudo-anonymous digital fine artist rapidly rising to the spotlight within contemporary art culture.

Eloh & Luke Brown

I create in sincere pursuit of understanding so that the inexplicable and mysterious may be liberated.


Vuk Đurić aka Endo is the coordinator of the fine art activity section at the Days of Urban Culture (Dani Urbane Kulture - DUK) in Čačak. He accomplished several projects in his career

Eric Hanu

Angolan : Lisbon Based : Visual Artist : LIVE : FREE : NEW : WORLD


In 2015 a group of architects joined together to start a concept where technology was an integrated part of the space in order to redefine the ways we use it.

Fernanda Victorello

Descendant of Europeans, born in Brazil, she has been developing visual arts for 20 years in analog and digital media.

Filipa Bossuet

Using painting, photography and experimental video to portray identity processes, blackness, memory and healing, Filipa Bossuet is the culmination of an interest in the arts, journalism and everything that makes her feel alive.

Filipe Patrocinio

Hi. I'm Filipe Patrocínio, i am 2D and 3D Generalist


Filippo fiumani is an italian designer and artist,

Gabriele Modica

Gabriele Modica was born in June 1994, and is a Sicilian multidisciplinary artist active since 2012.

Gene Kogan

Gene Kogan is an artist and a programmer who is interested in generative systems, computer science, and software for creativity and self-expression.

Gordon Berger

Gordon Berger is a Pioneer of the Crypto Art movement.

Gregory Borlein

Hanna Flachs

Hanna Flachs works mostly in digital painting, illustration and mixed-media.


Digital and 3D Motion artist from Ukraine.

Inner Sanctum

Inner_Sanctum is a self-taught artist from Portugal.


IOFEYE is a self taught interdisciplinary artist, born in Croatia and based in Denmark.

Jas Black

Jas Black is a digital artist, exploring generative art with AI tools.

José Ramos

I am a Landscape Photographer, Storyteller and Psychiatrist MD born in Alentejo.

Julia K. Ponsford

Laura Rios

Laura Ríos is a Cuban dancer, performer and creator.

Makoto Inoue

Makoto Inoue is a Berlin-based media artist, techno producer and theatre director from Tokyo, Japan.

Marzia & The SpaceShip Project

Marzia is a visual artist, vj, video editor and astrologer based in Lisbon.

Massimiliano Sarta

Massimiliano Sarta's career as an artist widens, working with mixed media, painting, photography, music production, djing, screen printing, and various crafts.

Mesh Lab presents Max Cooper and Nick Cobby

Max Cooper is an audio-visual artist with a science PhD and an international reputation as a leading electronic musician & Mesh Lab is part of the wider Mesh platform founded in 2016 to explore the intersection of music, science and art.

Miguel Rodrigues

Miguel Rodrigues is a Portuguese contemporary artist whose works employ the baroque period and its history as an object of reflection.

Missy Donaire

Missy Donaire is a multidisciplinary artist from Brazil with over four years of experience, working mainly in tattoo, graffiti, crypto art and commissioned artwork, under the slogan “Obscure oneirism”.


Morteeeza (Morteza M Latreh) is a multidisciplinary digital artist based in Iran.


Our core paradigm is the Biofeedback and Neurofeedback model of accessing behavioural information in real-time


Mueo (μυέω)- to initiate into the mysteries.

Mário Tomé

Mário has been capturing candid life moments for more than 30 years.

Nayven Vignette

Nayven is a Brooklyn, NY, based digital artist that is practicing the procedural generation of meaningful sound, image, and animation.

New in Town

New In Town is a Portuguese experimental artist.

Nina Sumarac

Nina Sumarac was born 1972 in Belgrade. She is multidisciplinary social visual artist based in Cyprus, with a background in fine art, painting and mechanical engineering.

Nuwan Shilpa Hennayake

I'm Nuwan Shilpa Hennayake, a psychedelic visionary artist from Sri Lanka.


OONA doesn’t really exist but she takes herself very seriously, so you should too.

Oliver Barnett

Based in Cape Town, I began my artistic journey over a decade ago while travelling through the remote areas of West Africa.

Omran Narmo

My name is Omran, I am a digital artist and 3D animator.


PHANTAZONiA creates unforgettable worlds, moments, interactions, and redefines what “immersive” and “interactive” truly mean in the experiential arts.

Rafael Del Rio

Rebekka Revel

Rebekka is a multifaceted fine artist who has been shaped by a unique combination of formal artistic education and the study of Buddhist culture.

Reinhard Schmid

Rivka Dette

Rivka Dette is an interdisciplinary artist and artist coach based in Berlin.

Ryan Bell

Ryan is an US-based generative artist who also works as a software engineer.

Sean Mick

Sean Mick is a multi-disciplined artist based out of Miami.

Stefano Favaretto

Stefano Favaretto is an Italian photographer and NFT artist.

Steven Rice & Arroz Estúdios

Steven Rice has been an artist, curator & producer for over 10 years in the world of arts, music and cultural events across Europe. He's of the founders of Rare Effect.


The artist has been actively producing studio work and ethical street art as TARartRAT in Seattle since the late 90s, and turning more traditional artwork into digital (and back again) in Berlin since the mid 00s.

The Burning Moon


TheDigitalCoy is an audiovisual poet focused on telling stories through their “Publicly Private” lens.

Thiago Goms

Brazilian mixed media artist based in Lisbon.

Tomás Jones

Multidisciplinary artist working with video, 3D sculpting, painting, performance and sound design.


Visiophone (Rodrigo Carvalho. Porto, 1983), is digital & new media artist from Porto/Portugal. 

Will Da Costa

Will Da Costa is a Manchester based artist, art director and designer.


Zeitwarp is a 'Garage Artist' and 'Music Hacker' producing paintings, conceptual digital/cryptoart, soundscapes, physical installations, augmented reality installations, sculpture and sporadic design pieces.

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Art Progression Now (APN) was founded in 2020 with the purpose to provide an open space for continuous experimentation and encourage the fair consumption of arts through decentralised technologies. Meet the founding organisations, and check out our manifesto.

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