Boom Lucid Dream BioNFT


Mulabs bring the performance inside the Voxel Cube, a metaphor for the inter-relationship between the physical and the digital world, the artist's real-time brain waves are captured to decode emotion and relaxation and translated into visual art and sound. Lucid Dream reveal the invisible to the eye, such as emotions, thoughts, and internal or external inputs that may arise. As in a cycle, visuals and sound are born from the biological signals of the performer and come back into the software as synesthetic stimulae, in an infinite dialogue of biological, digital and artificial interaction, internal and external environment, offering a new level of communication between artist and audience. With this BioNFT you will unlock the full performance video recorded at Boom Festival 2022 (15’ ~ mov HD) and the Biodata file .CSV Concept, Video Application and performance: Carlotta Premazzi Sound Patch Application: Marco Accardi, Anecoica Studio Sound Environment : Fabio Garces, Sonic Enchantment Cover Image: Lucid Dream made with Midjourney AI By buying this BioNFT you are supporting the development of our DAO and our efforts to create a decentralized biodata marketplace and bring awareness to the use of technology for mental health.

Our core paradigm is the Biofeedback and Neurofeedback model of accessing behavioural information in real-time

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