Specimen: Visual aural data collected by //soul eternalization// spectrometer of Human Specimen 002 during onset peak vibrational potential.//Method: Traditional Essence Eternalization Ceremony. Specimen 002 was placed in the center of the sacred cyber-mandala composed of rare techno-fossils and the human ritual protocol was initiated, abiding by post religious crypto-spiritualism; specimen's soul essence has been captured as an immortal offering, alchemized, converted, copied, and extracted for upload to the metaverse and embedded into this NFT for eternity.//Collection date & location: Boom Festival, Portugal, 2022//Ceremonial technicians: 3x discontinued model of ancient cyborg, manufactured in year 2742//Made possible by: Art Progression Now and Arroz Estúdios//Responsible Creative Entity: PHANTAZONiA//33.3% of proceeds will be donated to and their initiative towards reforestation in Portugal

PHANTAZONiA creates unforgettable worlds, moments, interactions, and redefines what “immersive” and “interactive” truly mean in the experiential arts.

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