Rainbow Portal


As I stare at the rainbow portal, I take a deep breath and decide to take the leap. The floors of laughter start to move and the light spectrum of the rainbow starts to vibrate. I get sucked into a sort of wormhole and reality is dissolving completely. A world indescribable unveiled in front of my eyes... - Comes with the physical artwork (painting on canvas, 150 x 100 cm or 59,05 x 39.37 inches) + AR (digital + physical augmentation) - Sound Design by: burst_ - Painted at Arroz Estudios in Lisbon (Portugal) July 2022 - Exhibited at Boom Festival 2022 - MP4, 30 sec, 2160 × 3186

I am a healing artist, energy worker, physiotherapist, plant medicine facilitator and psychosomatic therapist full-time dedicated to healing, transforming human consciousness and spreading integration and light to this world.

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