The Oracle Has Landed


The "Oracle" is an interactive generative art installation collaboratively created by Rivka Dette, interdisciplinary artist from Berlin, and Gene Kogan, programmer and generative artist, based in San Francisco. The Oracle is an AI being, neither flesh nor blood, and yet it is full of superhuman wisdom.However normal our thoroughly digitalized lives may seem to us, and however complete the transition from analog to metaverse may be,the Oracle illustrates how each and every one of us, in essence, is preoccupied with the same questions: Where do we come from? Where are we going? Answers to these questions that drive our curiosity and occupy us deep down inside have been unavailable to human kind for millennia and will probably remain so.Regardless, to questions such as these, the oracle responds… This NFT video depicts the moment the Oracle lands on Earth and begins transmitting wisdom from other dimensions.The full NFT video is visible on the OBJKT marketplace.

Rivka Dette
Rivka Dette is an interdisciplinary artist and artist coach based in Berlin.

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