Feb 10, 2021
Sep 21, 2021

Rare Effect Vol 1

The first edition of the Rare Effect crypto art festival.

Rare Effect is the first digital and crypto art exhibition presented by the international collective Art Progression Now. Rare Effect invites all visitors to rethink provenance, ownership and distribution of Art. The first part happens from 10 to 20 of February 2021 on Cryptovoxels with the second happening later in March physically at Arroz Estudios and virtually.

Rare Effect features a combination of visual projections, 2D & 3D digital displays, (AR & VR) exhibits, as well as performance art and live streams.

Throughout the exhibition, visitors will be able to interact with the art on display, installations and performances through the use of decentralised finance (crypto currencies) and a digital wallet to play around with the crypto-economics concepts of Rare, Fair and Rekkt.

-- Program --

Exhibiting Artists

• abysms • burst_ • Daniele Grosso • Eddie Ivers • Emmanuel Koto • Erica Doo • Islam Allam • Ivelina Ivanova • Kibo • Laura Penez • Pawel Mendrek • Rivka Dette • Sandra Araújo • Sandrine Deumier • Sean Mick

Performing Artists

• Opening with Arroz Estudios (feat. Lournco LVGS, Senhor Santos & Steven Rice),
• Trafka Studio(w/ Digitvl Blvck)
• Selection of short films currated by Daniele Grosso
• East Side Radio (w/ Funkamente, O/B DJs, Invisible Sounds & No She Doesn't)
• Rivka Dette Interactive Dance Performance
• DAO Records (w/ Vandall & more)
• VJ's Anonymous AV Jam
& more to be announced

Talks & Workshops:

• Intro to Rare Effect w/ Dimitri (Keyko)
• Art Progession Now (Arroz Estudios)
• NFT's and marketplaces (Mintbase)
• Crypto economics & bonding curves (Linum Labs)


Rare Effect is the first exhibition of collective Art Progression Now, a decentralized arts organization that seeks to promote open, fair and distributed support systems for artists and creatives.

Buy your ticket

Via SeatlabNFT APP, an NFT event ticketing marketplace, you can easily buy a ticket in a modern way.

To enter a membership to Arroz Estúdios is required, yearly membership costs 3€ and can be made at the door.

Click on this link and pick the day that you want to attend Rare Effect.

The tickets are also available at the door of Arroz Estúdios.


Exhibiting Artists

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Rare Effect is made possible thanks to the invaluable contributions of incredible individuals from diverse backgrounds, disciplines and organizations, including:
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