May 12, 2021
Jun 22, 2021
Arroz Estudios, Lisbon, PT

Rare Effect Vol 2

The second edition of the Rare Effect crypto art festival, taking place both physically in Lisbon and virtually in the metaverse.

Rare Effect vol2 is a 10-day cultural program, featuring a digital crypto art NFT exhibition and live music performances. It will happen physically at Arroz Estudios in Lisbon and virtually in the metaverse developing the portal between physical and digital arts.

The event will combine 2D & 3D digital displays, AR & VR exhibits, as well as performance art and live-streamed music acts.

The program includes artworks from burst, Gene Kogan, Sean Mick, Miguel Rodrigues + Grandpa's Lab, Sylvain Souklaye & Will Da Costa, as well as performances from Mim Suleiman, Mosca, Ransom Note (w/ Bawrut, C.A.R. (Live Set), Fit of Body, Lakuti & Manfredas), Violet b2b Photonz & DAO Records.

Throughout the exhibition, visitors will be able to interact with the art on display, installations and performances through the use of decentralised finance (crypto currencies) and a digital wallet to play around with crypto-economics concepts. The festival seeks to raise awareness of the current existential threat facing grassroots cultural associations & DIY music venues. The aim is to directly support the venue and contributing artists by facilitating the sale of digital art through tokenized digital certificates of provenance, commonly known as NFTs. As such, artist submissions have been peer reviewed by the community and any proceeds from the exhibitions will go towards supporting further cultural initiatives.

-- Program --
Exhibiting Artists:
Adrian Leverkuhn, Agate Lielpetere, Amir Shayesteh Tabar, BaiWei, Bichura, burst_, Carmen Chow / Carguin, Collageno, CosmoZach, DaphneBelle, Distante, Nuno Mika, Eddie Ivers, Erica Doo, Federico Clapis, Francisco Lourenço, Gabriele Modica, Gabrielle Abbott, Gene Kogan, Gil Monteverde, IOYOI, Ivelina Ivanova, Jay Etkin, Joas Nebe, Kibo, Matt Semke (catswilleatyou), Pawel Mendrek, sandra araújo, METAXU, Miguel Rodrigues + Grandpa's Lab, Onderwish, Oxia Palus, Rivka Dette, Rutger Oomkes, Sean Mick, Technological Hippie, Ting Song, VJs Anonymous, Will Da Costa, wudi3, ZEITWARP, Xiangyun Lotus Liu

Admin, Andy H, DAOrecords Takeover (w/ Istanbul Ghetto Club (Postklub), Sense You All, Skwid Ink, Vandal), Desterronics [Live Set], Digitvl Blvck, East Side Radio Takeover (w/DJ Quesadilla, Savant Fair, Telma & Taco y Teco), Hayes Takeover (w/ Enkō, Vil, Cravo, Temudo, Ichizo), King Kami, Leoleoleo, Mazarin [Live Set], Mim Suleiman [Live Set], Mosca, Mr Herbert Quain, Nick Craddock, Penelope, Phoebe, Ransom Note Takeover (w/ Lakuti, Manfredas, Fit Of Body, Bawrut & C.A.R. [Live Set]), Savant Fair, Senhor Santos, Steven Rice, TROL 2000, Vilamar Takeover (w/Hiroma Keo [Live], Fred Vinhas, Lournco Lvgs & Acid Alice), Violet b2b Photonz, WARS (Red Stars Live) & Whole Ball Of Wax, Martin Patiño, Guy from 1990

Buy your ticket

Via SeatlabNFT APP, an NFT event ticketing marketplace, you can easily buy a ticket in a modern way.

To enter a membership to Arroz Estúdios is required, yearly membership costs 3€ and can be made at the door.

Click on this link and pick the day that you want to attend Rare Effect.

The tickets are also available at the door of Arroz Estúdios.


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