Oct 27, 2022
Nov 6, 2022
Arroz Estudios, Lisbon PT

Rare Effect Vol 3

Europe's first crypto art festival,
Rare Effect returns to Lisbon

Rare Effect challenges and explores the relationship between physical and digital space, creating a bridge to the metaverse. In Vol. 3 , the festival will feature more than 90 national and international artists, including interactive installations and performances, with virtual reality, augmented reality, light installations and sculptures. The program also features 10 days of music, with recognized artists, panels on crypto art, Web3 and cryptocurrencies.

Staying true to the philosophy of presenting the possibilities of future technologies to local and international artists and creatives, Rare Effect Vol. 3 brings innovative exhibitions, will share the use of tokenization/NFTs and crypto wallets, as well as provoke visitors to interact with art installations and break through some of the existing barriers between what is physical and what is digital. 

This year's edition also seeks to raise awareness about the issues surrounding migration. "Migration is happening all around us. It is part of the annual cycle of many animals and is necessary for our acceleration in the technological world. As humans, we have developed the ability to migrate, but this is not always a privilege granted to all of us," maintain the organizers.  

Below is the music program for Rare Effect, Vol 3. For the full lineup please check Resident Advisor

THU, 27 OCT / Press Night / A Guy Called Gerald, Bambounou, Carincur, DJ Nigga Fox

FRI, 28 OCT / Opening Party - A Guy Called Gerald, O.N.A, rRoxymore

SAT, 29 OCT / Mim Suleiman, DJ Nigga Fox, DJ NK, Van Der
17h15 Nevermined Studio: How AI-Art is Revolutionizing the Creative Sector
18h00 Nevermined Studio: Immerse yourself into the Garden of AI Delights

SUN, 30 OCT / MuLabs: The Voxel Cube

16h00 MuLabs Presents: Introduction to the Voxel Cube and bioNFTs
17h00 Programmatic NFT: Exploring the medium of blockchain-based art


16h00 Impact of NFTs on the Future of Art
17:00 Will Artificial Intelligence End Human Creativity?

TUE, 1 NOV / ArtDAO x Nevermined: The Underworld by Hanu

WED, 2 NOV / Plastician & Violet

16h00 Creative Thinking for Communities
17h00 Rare Effect DAO Open Discussion

THU, 3 NOV / Zabra Records & Toplap Lisbon Algorave
16h00 Web3 in Education
17h00 Future Technologies within Visual Arts

FRI, 4 NOV / Scuba, Mor Elian, Mitch von Arx, Hiroma Keo

16h00 Metaverse Panel

SAT, 5 NOV / Closing Party with Bambounou, Yonti & Penelope

Buy your ticket

Via SeatlabNFT APP, an NFT event ticketing marketplace, you can easily buy a ticket in a modern way.

To enter a membership to Arroz Estúdios is required, yearly membership costs 3€ and can be made at the door.

Click on this link and pick the day that you want to attend Rare Effect.

The tickets are also available at the door of Arroz Estúdios.


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