A Viagem É Cumprida

Curated by Art Progression Now


My personal concept of Migration is not just about moving groups of people from one geographical area to another. But it's more about mental status.

Like physical displacement, the migration of a mental process has the same value.

It makes it possible to achieve one's awareness, serenity and a hypothesis for coexistence,

sensitizing ourselves to the delicate responsibility of each individual or group, in accepting and welcoming the foreigner who occupies a new territory.

As much as the respect and gratitude of the occupier should be.

My surreal collages are inspired by this mixture of concepts.

Hand cut and glued in my long sleepless nights.



Massimiliano Sarta
Massimiliano Sarta's career as an artist widens, working with mixed media, painting, photography, music production, djing, screen printing, and various crafts.

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