Adamas Aetas Ab Oculis Erotis

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This piece is part of the Anastasis Collection by the F_Collective (a group of artists inspired by Pak). The theme for the collection was diamonds; the audiovisual poem is inspired by the amount of time, energy, and extreme pressure required to create a diamond and all the living and nonliving things that contribute to the formation of the precious stone.

The goal was to first write a poem that captured the essence of this idea and to tell the story through the eyes and voice of a primordial god Eros. The goal was also to use a vibrant color palette and feel that brought the artists joy and which they agreed to use for their first collaboration.

They chose a triptych to demonstrate the kind of omniscient view that a primordial god could have over the process of creating a diamond.


The collaboration is an audiovisual poem made from original 2D and 3D imagery and illustration, music, spoken word performance, and altered video and audio recordings while spending time in nature.



TheDigitalCoy is an audiovisual poet focused on telling stories through their “Publicly Private” lens.

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