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"batshit TESSERACT" paints sculpture as a floating island of living, building-like entities weaving their surfaces into form and their isolation into cohesion, a process defined by transience and fraught with resistance until the works settle into something (slightly) definite - hinting they are where they want to be... for the time being.

Special thanks to Gert-Jan Akerboom for digital art animation expert assistance.


Anchored in actual physical works, the ongoing SCULPTURALbias series of digital sculptures seeks to merge painting and sculpture in the immaterial realm of the virtual.
the current body of work. #SCULPTURALbias is essentially handmade irl artwork cranked through numerous processes and programs infused with intention, craft and organic glitches.



The artist has been actively producing studio work and ethical street art as TARartRAT in Seattle since the late 90s, and turning more traditional artwork into digital (and back again) in Berlin since the mid 00s.

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