Birth Control Part 3: Attachement - Union is the Foundation of Everything

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"The sperm are generally produced in considerable quantities, and each ovum has many suitors. Thus, the ovum, active in the nucleus, its essential principle, is superficially passive; its mass, closed upon itself, compact in itself, evokes the nocturnal heaviness and repose of the in-itself: the ancients visualized the closed world in the form of a sphere or opaque atom; immobile, the ovum waits; by contrast, the open sperm, tiny and agile, embodies the impatience and worry of existence. One should not get carried away with the pleasure of allegories".

(The Second Sex by Simone De Beauvoir, Chapter 1: Biological Data)

For not all will complete the journey; many will be left behind, while others will move with the flow and flourish.

Birth Control Parts 1 -3 is made of 3 pieces of video art.

Part 1: Anatomy - Pussy Parts.

Part 2: Time - The Original Tik Tok.

Part 3: Attachement - Union is the Foundation of Everything.


Using 1970's educational footage, OONA remixes notions of preservation and survival. With noise driven fluidity the moving image gyrates.



OONA doesn’t really exist but she takes herself very seriously, so you should too.

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