Boom SoulSong

Curated by Art Progression Now


Part of Boom Full Spectrum collection. Full Spectrum is an exclusive series of NFTs pioneering new territory in digital art at Boom Festival 2022. This collection shows the process by which a collaboration of artists fuse varied soundscapes with dance, digital visualisations and ultimately the artist's vital signature (heart-rate, brain state, breath) reflecting spectra of internal and external realities on a flowing digital canvas. The initial two beta-NFTs profiled here will be augmented with biological data in NFTs from performances during Boom Festival 2022 including a world first SoulSong with Lex Empress and sound journey through the 5 elements with Sonic Enchantment.

This is the very first NFT (and bio-NFT) minted during a Boom Festival. The performance was developed in partnership with MuLabs, Gill Einhorn, Lex Empress, Gilian Baracs and Amos Gaynes as a SoulSong for the Boom Festival, and inaugural NFT. The artwork combines neurofeedback, digital art, intuitive music and dance - as a demonstration of the frontier of bio-art.


The Voxel Cube is a form of techno-shamanism, a portal between the physical (physiological) and the digital world. As within, so without. We work with different sensors and EEG devices.



Our core paradigm is the Biofeedback and Neurofeedback model of accessing behavioural information in real-time

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