|̨|̢̛҉ E̴SC͝͝A̸̴͘PE͘ T҉̶́H͝E̵̛ ̵U͠Ǹ̡̧I̵̢V͡E͢R̨̢S̶E |̡|̵́͝

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Try your luck
into the void.
Lose yourself.
Aim the galaxies.
Face a black hole,
bright stars,
endless darkness,
magic stardust.
Wonder where,
wonder if,
wonder when.
Like dark eyes
aiming high
through the night.
Like a blackbird
through the sky
to uncertainty.
Fearless, selfless.
Hopeful chaos,
vast ocean.
Try your luck
to the endless void.


Analog collage edited on Adobe Photoshop and expanded with Dall-e Artificial Intelligence.



Missy Donaire
Missy Donaire is a multidisciplinary artist from Brazil with over four years of experience, working mainly in tattoo, graffiti, crypto art and commissioned artwork, under the slogan “Obscure oneirism”.

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