Evolve 11

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In the "Evolve" series each new painting evolves, changes, and updates the previous version of the artwork. Reflecting the fusion of art and technology and its ever-evolving output in our contemporary digital world. ⛓

This inspired me to create a series of digital paintings that wouldn’t be static but would evolve, adapt, and update alongside this new vibrant energy in the Web3 space. 

The first "Evolve" painting was tokenized on January 1st, 2021. The timing was no accident as it is a symbolic start of the new year and the birth of a new epoch, that I felt would drastically accelerate and impact the evolution of NFTs and Crypto Art. As this space began to rapidly grow and really have its “golden" year in 2021, I wanted the series to capture that zeitgeist of the momentum and in a metaphysical way, embody that energy.

"Evolve" series also explores the migration of materiality from the physical to the digital world as well as the migration of the human consciousness, labor, and expression to the virtual dimension.

The creation process of these paintings in a way reflects the fundamental process of how blockchain technology works. Where new data is being layered and stored on top of previous data, which keeps updating the whole network. Similarly, each piece in this series is an on-chain timestamped visual representation of a specific version of this artwork, evolving through time. 

It’s exciting to see how things are evolving much faster in this digital frictionless environment and the migrations and developments happening in the community. "Evolve" series is my intention to capture the essence of the CryptoArt/NFT space evolving in itself.



Gordon Berger
Gordon Berger is a Pioneer of the Crypto Art movement.

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