Homo Trans-Retro

Curated by Art Progression Now


The theme of the piece is to explore the next evolution of humankind from 'Homo Sapiens' into the transhumanist form of 'Homo Trans-Retro' - a post-gender cyber-amalgam of biology and computer code. As a species Home Trans-Retro borrows stylistically from the past while embracing technological futurism. This 'paradox of retro-utopianism' is a key theme of my conceptual work, and a comment on contemporary culture, society, and politics...both subjectively and objectively.


"Home Trans-Retro" is an MP4 audiovisual digital collage of physical objects including a vintage shop mannequin, a MUSIC GRAFFITI painting and a series of iconic retro audiovisual equipment. The 'Phreak Music'' Soundscape is derived from transforming the background visuals into a spectrum of audio stems.


NEAR Protocol

Zeitwarp is a 'Garage Artist' and 'Music Hacker' producing paintings, conceptual digital/cryptoart, soundscapes, physical installations, augmented reality installations, sculpture and sporadic design pieces.

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