I'll See You In The Trees, 2nd channel

Curated by Art Progression Now


Inspired by Angelo Badalamenti and David K. Lynch's song 'Sycamore Trees', the work 'I'll See You in the Trees' is a comparative study of people and trees, which explores humanity and its complexities within the context of nature, thus forging a path to self-realization. In a bid to convey dynamic connectivity, which neutralizes bias while initiating empathy and compassion, participants were asked to illustrate their innermost self while considering the anatomical attributes of trees. It is these deep personal insights, which the artist has forested into a collective plantation of 110 curated selves/people, that offers viewers a truly polyphonous experience. Re-establishing this symbiotic connection is an attempt at saving trees and people simultaneously since both are under threat.


Drawings, Photoshop, Animation.
1 of 4-channel video with the one channel sound, 4K.
Entire-wall projections. Surround space installation.
Video duration: 40 sec on a loop.
Sound length: 29:31 min in repetition.



Nina Sumarac
Nina Sumarac was born 1972 in Belgrade. She is multidisciplinary social visual artist based in Cyprus, with a background in fine art, painting and mechanical engineering.

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