Light Explosion 2

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"Photographing the invisible" bringing to light the explosion of sunlight and energy filtered through a pyramidal prism and a subsequent crystal pyramid with real macro photography. The impact of sunlight at a certain time of the day with the pyramid and the resistance, creates a real explosion of colors with different vibrational frequencies helping energy to find new ways of expression. The energy and the frequency of the colors are in tune with the emotional frequency of the viewer who observes them, inviting people to reflect and to look at the world with other eyes, trying to raise his own energy level to activate positive energies and light winning the resistance. We need high frequency light to fight the dark and low frequencies and to create a universe of positive vibrations. The frequency of the red symbol of love and passion activates the feelings of love and strength and creativity. The concept of resistance helping energy to find new ways of expression is having an important symbolic meaning in daily life.


Photography – SRL Digital camera.



Stefano Favaretto
Stefano Favaretto is an Italian photographer and NFT artist.

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