Masa III

Curated by Art Progression Now


All matter leaves a trace, a mark in the space. It is a trace that can be evident, abstract or even become imperceptible. Nevertheless, it is present, it inhabits and leaves a legacy. It's a result of work, steps, thoughts, the life cycle, the weight (energy and transcendence) of the body.
"Masa" is an open trajectory that searches to leave traces through the relationship between material and body. From within the action, the improvised and intuitive movement explores the subtle and concrete possibilities of marking the mud, offering ways to re-dimension the body and its image.
"Masa" was created and performed by Laura Rios.


"Masa" is a self filming video recorded with a cell phone (iPhone 11) and Laura Rios establishes a relationship and a combination between her body, its movements and mud material.


NEAR Protocol

Laura Rios
Laura Ríos is a Cuban dancer, performer and creator.

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