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Linguistically taken from ancient Greek and etymologically meaning constant change, the Roman writer Ovidi narrates the creation of the world with 250 myths, and amongst them, the story of Medusa. She was punished by Athena by turning her into a monstrous creature, after she was raped by Poseidon in the temple of Athena. Those who gazed into her eyes would turn into stone. Taking the representation of the myth as the woman head full of snakes, the present project establishes a parallelism with it. Using interactive soft robotics, we present a piece made of 16 tubular arms moving according to the position of the visitors who are around it. The result is a constantly changing installation, where the physicality of the moving arms continues to the space with the projection of them as moving shadows, creating a metamorphosis in between the users and the room.


The piece is a compound of 16 tubular arms (expandable nylon mesh + silicone tube + crystal tube), pumped with compressed air, all of them attached to an acrylic base with specifically designed 3D pieces.



In 2015 a group of architects joined together to start a concept where technology was an integrated part of the space in order to redefine the ways we use it.

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