Mind Migrations

Curated by Art Progression Now


"Mind Migrations" is composed from multiple pieces of artwork – drawings, AI outputs, several videos generated from own artworks and video self-portraits. It is a reflection on migration both in terms of limitation and liberation and it is also a symbolic expression of the artist's own experiences of migration, identity, memory and home. Movement may be forced or chosen, it may be an expression of free choice/ desire or it may be a manifestation of the politicised bodies and land expressed as boundaries, limits and borders. While one's body may be forced to movement or restricted in it, while one's body may be an expression of the limit itself – such restrictions may be transcended by the mind. Mind is that which does not have to abide by the conceptual or political limits, that which can move beyond boundaries imposed upon bodies. And although movement of the body in space and time may unfold in linear chronologies, the movement of memory, sense of self, home, identity and relationshipscapes may unfold as overlapping simultaneities inside the mind.


MP4-video 1080x1920
Composed from drawing, AI generated artwork, digital artwork, video segments.



IOFEYE is a self taught interdisciplinary artist, born in Croatia and based in Denmark.

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