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"Ruten" means in Buddhism that birth, death, and cause and effect are reincarnated. In general, it means not staying in one state but shifting and changing.

The work uses color to depict the movement and interaction of colonies of primitive organisms.

Each colony flourishes or declines, fuses or separates, transmits or takes away elements. Sometimes they even drive the other colony to death. Some colonies are large or small, bright or faded, fast-moving or slow-moving. The complex interactions of these colonies produce a variety of colors. Colonies may resonate with each other, resulting in a harmonious color, or, conversely, they may be completely disparate. The spread of pathology can also cause a loss of color.

In the NFT version (web browser based), the observer can interfere with the flow. It is a special authority in this world that governs life and death.


The artwork was created using p5.js, shader and a custom-made algorithm.



Kazuhiro Tanimoto
Born in Japan. Doctor of Engineering. Researcher in the field of chemistry, researching functional materials.

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