The Borderline Ape

Curated by Art Progression Now


A suggestive performance, in which the famous “Bored Ape” is revisited, turned into human, a crazy one, a repressed one, a meta version of himself. As the “real” world ever been so close to the “virtual”? Some monkey minds might agree, and/or agree to disagree. Man? Avatar? Monkey?

This live performance took place on the 20th of May 2022 at the Innerworks NFT Exhibition in Lisbon. Here Luis Breatho and MuLABS tried bridging the "ape's" emotions into an art translation through the use of EEG. This BioNFT was generated with data from our Artist's brain and translated into a point cloud avatar reacting to the emotional engagement of the artist. The more stable the image, the more positively engaged the artist is with his own performance and the crowd.

Luís Breatho is a multi-indisciplined artist and healer, born in Lisbon. He focuses on music and vibration to change inner and outer worlds, perceptions and health. From showman to shamman, he does it all, never failing to surprise with his meditations. The Hand Pan is a swiss instrument, invented in the year 2000. Some call it the instrument of the millennium, as its resonant harmonies bring out melancholia and excitement, surprise and relaxation.

With this BioNFT you will unlock the full performance video.

By buying this BioNFT you are supporting the development of our DAO and our efforts to create a decentralized biodata marketplace and bring awareness to the use of technology for mental health.


The Voxel Cube is a form of techno-shamanism, a portal between the physical (physiological) and the digital world. As within, so without. We work with different sensors and EEG devices.



Our core paradigm is the Biofeedback and Neurofeedback model of accessing behavioural information in real-time

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