The Heirs

Curated by José Ramos


The Heirs recalls the history of the coffee decade in Brazil where immigrants arrived in the country in search of a new future for their families and found employment opportunities in the large producing farms of the time. The farms at that time were immense, with hundreds of workers and family members who lived there. They constituted true cities, with train lines, markets, schools and even cinemas. With changes in the market and technology, coffee production was replaced by sugar cane and workers by machines, making that society no longer necessary and so, decade after decade, the farm's structures were deteriorating and reaching ruins. In the photo taken in an old farm in the interior of the state of São Paulo in Brazil, children who now live in the place with a few families, play in the ruins of the old movie theater in the city of the farm. In their free play in the facilities of the farm, they became the heirs of that huge place which in the past, for decades, was the center of an entire society.


Digital Photography



Agnus DNA - João Baptista Rossi
Agnus DNA is a Brazilian artist began his professional career as a photographer specializing in portraits and fashion editorials.

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