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Subjectivity is often denied to me. And how much does this interfere with the perception I have about the possibilities which may or may not exist about my identity? In which manner or form can I experiment with myself?

Criticism and provocation about the gaze of the other is important to me and to the other, especially regarding individual, internal, personal construction; growth.


In this experiment I became fascinated with a projector and with my silhouette as screened. From blue and black - subjectivity, possibility, continuity.

Photographic portraits of a research on colour and subjectivity, subjectivity colour, colour subjectivity.


NEAR Protocol

Filipa Bossuet
Using painting, photography and experimental video to portray identity processes, blackness, memory and healing, Filipa Bossuet is the culmination of an interest in the arts, journalism and everything that makes her feel alive.

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