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VRYTHNG is a collection of seven unique audio-visual pieces which capture the feeling and potential of our possibilities when we are the vessels of the outside world. Five will be sold, two will be auctioned at a later date. Derived from the ‘Everything’ video by artists Max Cooper and Nick Cobby, imagery from around the world is compressed into the human form as a barrage of retro synth idealism. The artworks accompany one hundred unique timestamped stills derived from the same video: the EVERYTHING collection. The project tackles the relationship between our internal and external existence, and the power of seeing the external not as separated from us and out of our control, but part of our subjective model and subject to its will.

First owners will have access to a special VRYTHNG holders only Discord chat with the artists - to be coordinated at a later date. DM @mesh_lab on Twitter to claim.

Together, these are the first collections from Max Cooper's Unspoken Words project with Mesh Lab, tackling ideas that can be communicated more directly with art than language.



Mesh Lab presents Max Cooper and Nick Cobby
Max Cooper is an audio-visual artist with a science PhD and an international reputation as a leading electronic musician & Mesh Lab is part of the wider Mesh platform founded in 2016 to explore the intersection of music, science and art.

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